Joyce Gail Webb

Joyce Gail Webb



Intercultural Communication; Interpersonal Communication; Public Speaking; Argumentation and Debate Theory; Nonverbal Communication; Rhetoric; Business Presentations; Small Group Research; Leadership Studies; Organizational Communication; Consulting; Gender Research.


Ph.D. The University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan

(Qualified in 18 different areas of Communications)

M.A.  Eastern Michigan University (Communications)

B.S.  Eastern Michigan University (Communications)


1979-2014 Shepherd University/ Shepherdstown, W.V./ Professor Emeritus

1977-1979 University of Hawaii/ Honolulu, Hawaii/ Visiting Assistant Professor

1972-1975 Eastern Michigan Univ./ Ypsilanti, Michigan/ Teaching Fellow


2007 Professional Activities - Educational Ambassador for the Eisenhower Institute (China)

2007 Facilitator for the Eisenhower Institute’s trip to Tibet

2010 - Moderator for House of Delegate John Doyle’s Debate held in the Byrd Center Center for Legislative Studies

1994 Moderator for the following: Rose- Overington Debate Democratic Congressional Debate

1996-2014 - Faculty advisor for the Shepherd University’s Debate and Forensics Leadership Delegation attending the annual Shepherd University’s Leadership conferences.

1997 - Coached/ Mentored Shepherd Student on “USA Today” First Academic Team

1998 Coached/Mentored Shepherd Finalist for The Truman Award

1997 Coached/Mentored Student on Collegiate Forensics Association Essay Contest

2014 Coached/Mentored Student on the Oliver S. Ikenberry Award

1990-2013 Created Debate and Forensics Awards for Shepherd University’s Student Recognition Day.

2000 Democratic Congressional Debate


2014-2016 A Study of Speech

Apprehension: a Comparison of China and the United States



2010 Honors/Awards- Winner of The 2010 Action Award / The Charles Town Historic Landmarks

Commission for producing/ directing/ acting in “ A Comic Opera War: about the 1922 treason trial of William Blizzard”

- Nominated for the Cyrus Vance Award three times- Finalist

- Nominated twice for the W.V. Professor of the Year Award- Finalist

- Collegiate Forensics Association Coach of the Year

- Winner of the Collegiate Forensics Association Essay Contest

1991-1992 Collegiate Forensics Association Coach of the Year

1998 Winner of the Collegiate Forensics Association Essay Contest




Publications and Presentations


Book Contract

I currently have a contract issued by the Edwin Mellen Press, Ltd., N.Y./Wales, U.K. to publish an Interpersonal Monograph. (2013)

Publication: Forum on Public Policy, Vol. 2010, no. 5, December 2010.

The Evolution of Women’s Roles within the University and in the Workplace.”

Publication: Persuasive Public Speaking: A Liberal Arts Approach

Co-authored: John Hilbert, Joyce Webb, Cindy Buell Kendall Hunt Publishers, 1990.



Communication, Persuasion and Gumbo: An Aanalysis of Competitive Food Shows from a Communication Perspective”

Presented at The Popular Culture Association/ American Culture Association. New Orleans, Louisiana, October, 2011

Technology in the Information Age”, Conference, Towson University, 35th Annual Fall Colloquium, October, 2010

The History of Women In The Workforce,” A paper presented at The PCA/ACA Conference in Savannah, Georgia, October, 2010

The Evolution of Women’s Roles within the University and in the Workplace” Oxford University, Oxford England, Oxford Round Table July, 2010.

Perceptions of West Virginia Culture” Paper presented at The PCA/ACA Convention, Wilmington, N.C., October 2009.

Dealing With Difficult People, “ Insurance Conference, Keynote Speaker November, 2000

Communication: The Ultimate Connection” Panel:Lisbon, Portugal,1998 Communication Association, 1996

Promoting The Collegiate Forensic Association: Why Should You Be Involved?” Paper presented at The Eastern Communication Association, 1996.

Managing Multiple Priorities,” Ullico Ray Corporation, Workshop Presentation. 1996.

Management Differences,” Ullico Ray Corporation, Workshop Presentation, 1996.

Communicating Up The Line: Creating Clear Messages,” Unemployment State Agency, Statewide Meeting, 1995. Speech.

Parliamentary Procedure,” Keynote Speaker, Republican Party, Martinsburg, WV, 1995.

Culture and Gender Differences In Creation Stories,” Paper presented at The Collegiate Forensics Association, Athens, Greece, 1995.

Exploring Ethics In Contemporary Interpersonal Relationships,” Paper presented at The Speech Communication National Convention, New Orleans, 1994.

The First Year Experience: An Interpersonal Approach,” Paper presented at The Speech Communication National Convention, Miami, Florida, 1993.

Argumentation and Debate: A Positive Way of Approaching Communications,” Workshop and Keynote Speaker, National Association of Teacher’s of English, 1992.

Conflict Resolution,” Workshop Presentation, Leadership Conference, Shepherd College, 1992.

Aids Disclosure in Public Schools,” Keynote Speaker, Pi Delta, Gamma, Shepherd College, 1992.

The New Rhetoric: Positive Impressions About Persuasion: Communication Models-Historical and Persuasive,” Paper presented at Hood College, 1992.

Developing A Communication Program At A Small College,” Paper Presented at the Speech Communication Association National Convention, 1990.

Attracting An Audience During Times of Shrinking Resources,” Paper Presented at The Speech Communication Association National Convention, 1990.